I was born in Budapest/Hungary where I attended and finished school as well as my dental studies. After my escape from Communism to Sweden, I worked there as denist (DDS & DMD). Later I relocated to AAustria and also graduated there in dentistry. After that I ran my own dental practice in Vienna for more than 30 years.

My passion for (active) arts is my companion since my early childhood. After retiring from dentistry and after my three wonderful children have grown up, my artistic creativity can regain the earned place in my life.

I am active member in various art-societies and exhibit my paintings both nationally as internationally.

Painting is the voice of my soul and my calling. When I paint, I am connected to the Universe. I am free and happy. I am deeply humbled by and thankful for my creativity, my intuition and my creative process. My paintings often are atmospheric. Themes come from my sensations, my mood and from my impressions of nature.


Again and again I also love to use clay and other precious natural materials thus nurturing my desire for artwork(ing).


Creating art is my calling, a spiritual imperativ and also my way of spreading love in our world.


My continuing artistic education:

Mag. Marina Janulajtite-Thurnhofer (Akad. Malerin)                   Mag. Otakar Sliva (Keramikkunst)          

Mag. Hubert Thurnhofer (Galerist, Kunstmanager)                   Mag. Astrid Sänger (Keramikkunst)
Michael Fuchs (Akad. Maler; Architekt)                                    Gerhard Thurnberger (Keramikermeister)
Helene Hagendoorn (Akad. Malerin)                                        Charlotte Ottwald (Lehmkust)
Elisabeth Holzschuster (Gegenwartskunst)                             Mag. Sawatou Mouratidou (Textilkunst)
Mag. Rudolf Fuchs (Univ. d. Angew. Künste, Wien)                  Heinz Lackinger (Urzeit-Keramik)

Rainer Anders (Gegenwartskunst)                                         Maria Geszler (Akad. Keramikkünstlerin)